Bulb, Headlight,BPF 5v to 30v LED 20/40w aprox but much brighter

Headlight bulb LED 5v to 30volt [6v, 12v]  These are brighter than the last batch and have improved focus. BPF AC/DC non-polarised [suits negative or positive earth]. Power usage 6v: 0.6A low beam, 1.2A high beam; 12V: 0.38A low beam, 0.62A high beam; 24V 0.19A low beam, 0.3A high beam., uses aproximately 0.8 Amp on low beam, 1.5 amp on high beam.  Does not haveexactly the same beam pattern as original bulb,  Tested in local bikes on rallies and tours.  LED lamps require a perfect earth to work. If in doubt run a separate earth wire from inside the headlight shell back to the battery earthing point on the frame. Do not rely on old wiring that often earths through the steering head bearings.
Base is P22D = push in, 22mm, Dual contact; P36d in USA; Original bulb number: 356

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