Girder fork spindle set, Norton

Norton girder fork spindles and nuts. Three of these spindles have been machined from EN16T. The lower front spindle is a NOS military original that has been replated. This spindle set will fit Norton girder forks manufactured between 1932 and 1946 with splayed fork legs as fitted to the following models: Big 4, 16H, 18, 19, 20, ES2, CS1, CJ, 50 and 55. Part numbers from the 1946 parts book and overall lengths are as shown below so please check they will fit your bike before purchasing.
Original parts numbers
9266; A2/185 - Front Fork Bottom Spindle, Front [has hexagon and thread for damper knob]. 10 inch overall length.
3808 - Front fork shock absorber adjusting nut, 11/16 in x 20ths
3181; A2/184 - Front Fork Bottom Spindle, Rear . 9-7/8 inch overall length.
3179; A2/181 - Front Fork Top Spindle. 9-1/8 inch overall length. x 2
9267; A2/182 - front fork top or bottom spindle nut 1/2 inch x 3
3180; A2/183 - front fork top or bottom spindle nut 7/16 inch x 3

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